You are never alone or helpless. The force that guides the stars guides you too.

From Dust to Dust Baby



You are never alone or helpless. The force that guides the stars guides you too.

From Dust to Dust Baby

A lot of ideas get born drunk and then the next morning you are like, ‘What were we thinking? That is ridiculous and not funny at all.’
  • Amy Poehler:


  • Brad Hall:

    That’s a great answer.

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus:

    And Sly and the Family Stone.

  • Hall:

    The Family Stone would be the VP.

  • Louis-Dreyfus:

    That would be good.

  • New York magazine:

    The Family Stone would be the cabinet, Sly would be the VP.

  • Poehler:

    You know, with Prince and Sly and the Family Stone, wouldn't we get more done around here?

  • Hall:

    Man. That is a funky field right there.

  • Louis-Dreyfus:

    You would definitely get funky with it. That’s for sure.

  • Poehler:

    Whoever runs, that should be their motto. Whoever runs, it should be, "Let’s get funky with it."

  • Louis-Dreyfus:

    Oh my God. Wouldn't that be so good?

  • Poehler:

    That would be so good no matter who it is.

  • Louis-Dreyfus:

    You would give all your life savings to that campaign.

  • Poehler:

    If a candidate was like, “Come on guys: Let’s get funky with it.”

  • New York magazine:

    Maybe you should do it.

  • Louis-Dreyfus:

    All right, should those two candidates decide to run, Amy and I are going to run their campaign, or we’ll be a part of the branding of the campaign.

  • Poehler:

    We’ll be like Peaches and uh...

  • Louis-Dreyfus:

    Diamond and Pearl.

  • Hall:

    Peaches and Herb. Oh no, sorry.

  • Poehler:

    Peaches and Cream! The dancers that used to perform with Prince.

  • Louis-Dreyfus:

    That’s right. [Ed. note: It was Diamond and Pearl.]

  • Poehler:

    Prince always has some beautiful, like, 16-year-old dancers.

  • Louis-Dreyfus:

    We’re not 16, but we could totally dance with him, you know, while he campaigns.

  • Poehler:

    Well, it’s going to be a different kind of dancing. It has to be serious dancing. Because it’s a political campaign.

  • Louis-Dreyfus:

    There are issues and we feel strongly about the issues. So it will be a serious kind of dance.

  • Poehler:

    Once again, I know Prince reads your magazine. I know he reads these little interviews. Julia and I are ready to dance behind him when he runs for president in 2016.

  • Louis-Dreyfus:

    Please take this seriously.

// Bio//

Lindsay Head is a third year BFA Dance candidate at the University of Florida where she studies movement and choreography. She has performed the works of Gerri Houlihan, Ohad Naharin, Neta Pulvermacher, Ann Liv Young, Dana Ruttenberg among others. She believes that dance should be used to provide the audience an opportunity to experience life in a new way. She loves dance and theater, but was recently quoted saying, “It’s all about the simple things like tea, a .GIF that actually makes you ‘lol,’ and the stop light changing from red to green before your foot taps the break. Ya know?” She will continue her choreographic and performative studies through the FSU in NYC program of Fall 2013, and will be performing in Megan Kenzior’s Witness at St. Marks Church through Danspace Projects in December 2013. She’d like to thank the people closest to her for always knowing what to say. 

Photography by Shari Thompson

Jeffrey Directed by Sacha Sorrell, Written by Paul Rudnick

Iceland Play Directed and Written by Alexandra Tanner

Photography by Ani Collier and Jordan Albright

Dance 2013

BFA Fall Showcase 2012

// Junior Year Self Assessment //

Lindsay Head


19 April 2013



Courses Taken           

Fall 2012:

DAA3614: Dance Composition 3: Tzveta Kassabova and Neta Pulvermacher

DAA4110: Advanced Modern Dance: Tzveta Kassabova, Neta Pulvermacher

DAA4210: Advanced Ballet: Isa Garcia-Rose

DIG2931C: Movement, Media and Machines: James Oliverio and Kristin O’Neal

TPP2110: Acting 1: Stephanie Lynge


Spring 2013:

DAN4430: Laban: Dr. Joan Frosch

DAA3615: Dance Composition 4: Tzveta Kassabova

DAA4110: Advanced Modern Dance: Kristin O’Neal

DAA4210: Advanced Ballet: Isa Garcia Rose

            THE4960: Production and Performance: Todd Bedell

            DAE4300: Dance Teaching Methods: Neta Pulvermacher

            TPP3103: Acting 2: Dr. Judith Williams, Joseph Urick


UF Production Work


2012: - Choreodrama: Fall BFA Showcase Oct 25-28, 2012

o   Air by Neta Pulvermacher

o   Molt- Self Choreographed

o   I will either find a way or make one by Marissa Maxcy

o    Competition Dancers Anonymous By EmmaKate Geisdorf

- Student Juried Exhibition

Summer at Kirsch Rooney by Sarah Haggerty


            I will either find a way or make one by Marissa Maxcy

2013: In Box Out: Spring BFA Showcase April 11-14, 2013

o   Rite On (part 1) by Dana Ruttenberg

Drop: Dance 2013 February 15-24, 2013

o   Air by Neta Pulvermacher



            -2013: Lighting Production and performance with Todd Bedell



            -Molt Fall 2012

            - only say the word and I shall be healed Spring 2013 Composition 4 project


Summer 2013 Summary

Summer A:           

-PHI3700: Contemporary Moral Issues

            -PHI2630: Philosophy of religion

Summer B:

            -APK2100c: Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with Lab

Summer C:

            -THE4950: P&P

            -MGF1107: Math for LS Majors


Fall 2013

-FSU in NYC Courses Including: Composition, The New York Experience, Dance History, and an internship with a theater or small dance company



Year End Self Assessment

1.     How I contribute to building, supporting, and strengthening the community of SoTD (i.e., professional communication, respectful interaction, problem solving, helpfulness, etc.).


 By coming to the summer intensive the summer before my senior year of high school, I felt that I was instantly put in my place as far as respectful interaction with the faculty and students went. It was my goal to be as hard working and professional as possible because of how badly I wanted to go to UF. Since I have been here, I feel that I have upheld those specific goals and have forced myself to work that much harder. I have been extremely comfortable and forward in my communication with the faculty. I have expressed my feelings of lack of complacency, and how I constantly want the most out of the program, which is why I am now participating in the Florida Player’s shows. I believe that we the students are responsible for a large part of the future of our program, and I feel that I have contributed my ideas about making the program stronger in the future.  


2.     How I demonstrate excellent work ethic (i.e., preparation, discipline, respect, and reliability, etc.) in all SoTD classes, rehearsals, and performance opportunities.


I am my toughest critic in every class, in every minute of choreography, in every plie. However, after finding last semester that I am often too tough of a critic, I made a change in my approach to dance and have not been so competitive with others and with myself. Instead, I have truly been focusing on each movement as it is happening and not on anything else. In focusing on each moment of class instead of the amount of time that has passed, I have been able to enjoy dancing more for the sake of dancing, which is something I think is forgotten when going through “the daily grind.” Thankfully, this method has proven to me that words like “work ethic” and “discipline” do not need to carry negative connotations, but can be approached as ideas that vary from day to day. I would thus have to say that I demonstrate “excellent work ethic” in the way that my work ethic has excelled from one semester to the next in my attempt to carry myself with a more positive attitude, and to help create a secure environment particularly in my rehearsals and performances.



3.     How I reach beyond my comfort zone to grow, advance, and mature as an artist in my creative work and performance.


        This spring semester was the first time I have ever choreographed material on other dancers, and that in itself stretched me in every direction. Going in rehearsals completely unprepared sometimes yielded the best results because I was able to surrender to the power of the dance, the room, and the dancers. I feel the I have greatly matured as an artist this past year by being holistic in my approach to choreography, by means of not restricting myself to pure movement or one specific idea, and to my craft by taking acting classes, performing in two Florida Player’s shows, and being in three of the Florida Player’s student written staged readings. I believe that this background in acting has greatly influenced the way I see performance for the better. I believe that being a part of Dana’s process has also rocked my world. She taught me how to genuinely live on stage, how to live with the audience on stage, and how to put my body in places it has never been before and to find something new in it each time it is executed.



4.         Further information I wish to provide for jury consideration (commitment to volunteerism, specific personal or professional goals, specific summer plans to train or study, other).

        This year has been all about living in the moment as much as possible, and not being too worried about the future. I truly believe that everything will work out as it should. With all of this focus on the present, I forgot to consider what I really wanted out of my future, which is coming nearer and nearer with every passing day. I do not have control over the extended future, but I do have control over the near future. Therefore, I will be participating in the FSU in NYC program in the fall, which I think is great for learning about the business side of dance through an internship. I think the program will really help me become more connected to the dance world in New York, and it serves as a great opportunity to see if I would want to live in New York after I graduate. I will also be working with Megan Kendzior on a solo for her piece Witness both over the summer at UF and during the fall semester in New York. Witness will be performed at the end of December at St. Mark’s church through Danspace.

// VITA//

Lindsay Head

4311 Sneed Rd. Nashville, TN 37215



University of Florida- Gainesville, FL

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance

Projected Graduation: April 2014

Ensworth High School- Nashville, TN- 2006-2010

Dance Training


University of Florida: 2010-2013:Neta Pulvermacher, Ric Rose, Isa Garcia-Rose

            Nashville Dance Center: 2007-2010: Sarah Boster Rigsby

            The Ensworth School of Dance: 2006-2010:Thomas Shoemaker (Atlanta ballet)


            American Dance Festival: 2011: Abby Yager, Gwen Welliver, Pamela Pietro

            University of Florida: 2010-2013: Kristin O’Neal, Neta Pulvermacher, Ric Rose, Melissa Canto, Isa Garcia Rose, Tzveta Kassabova

Nashville Dance Center: 2007-2010: Sarah Boster Rigsby, Leah Harwell

Contact Improvisation:

            University of Florida: 2010-2013:Kristin O’Neal

Cunningham Technique:

            University of Florida: 2010-2011: Isa Garcia-Rose

                        March 2011:Guest Artist: Paige Cunningham

West African Dance:

            University of Florida: 2010-2012:Mohamed DaCosta


            American Dance Festival: 2011: Yaara Moses- Also learned works by Batsheva Dance Company

            Performed piece Wired by Israeli choreographer Yaniv Abraham, member of Batsheva Dance Company


            University of Florida: 2011-2013: Dr. Joan Frosch, Neta Pulvermacher, Tzveta Kassabova


Dance Performing Experience


Dance Theater Workshop: May 2011

-       2,280 Pints!, an original work by The Neta Dance Company

American Dance Festival: July 2011

            - Witness by Megan Kendzior

University of Florida: 2010-2013

-       In Box Out: Spring BFA Showcase

o   Rite On (part 1) by Dana Ruttenberg

-       Drop: Dance 2013

o   Air by Neta Pulvermacher

-       Fall BFA Showcase Oct 25-28, 2012

o   Air by Neta Pulvermacher

o   Molt- Self Choreographed

o   I will either find a way or make one by Marissa Maxcy

o    Competition Dancers Anonymous By EmmaKate Geisdorf

-       Dance 2012, Feb 17-26, 2012

o   Vivaldiana by Neta Pulvermacher

o   Le Voyage by Orange Grove Dance

o   American Crane Standards by Ann Liv Young

o   Wired by Yaniv Abraham

o   Dunumba by Mohamed DaCosta

-       Agbedidi, December 2011,

o   Performed at New World School of the Arts, Miami

o   Constans Theater

-       BFA Showcase, October 27-30, 2011

o   Vivaldiana by Neta Pulvermacher

o   Le Voyage(excerpt) by Orange Grove Dance

o   Hot Blue Vibes by Olivia Rugierri

-       BFA Showcase, April 14-17, 2011

o   Blue, choreographed by Neta Pulvermacher

o   No Boundary, No Differentiation, Just Mutual Respect and Enjoyment , choreographed by Lacina Coulibaly

o   Maelstrom, choreographed by Paige Cunningham

o   Change, Choreographed by Julie Brennan in association with Dance for Life (see related work),

-       Amputata Loqui, ACDFA Gala FSU, March 8, 2011, Choreographed by Joshua Stansbury

-       Dance 2011: 2,280 Pints!, February 19-27, choreographed and directed by Neta Pulvermacher     

-       BFA Showcase, October 28-31


            - Five Beds/Children of the Dream, choreographed by Neta Pulvermacher, July 30-August 1

The Nutcracker, Miami City Ballet, Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts, 1998-2004, Bunny, Fritz, Party Girl, Polichinelle, Hoop

Theater Training

University of Florida (2012-2013)

            -Acting 1: Stephanie Lynge

            -Acting 2: Dr. Judith Williams and Joseph Urick

Michael Chekov Intensive: Charlie Bowles, Lisa Dalton, Will Kilroy

London International School of Performing Arts (July 2012)

            -Neutral Mask to Clown Workshop: Thomas Pratki

            - Devising Workshop: Thomas Pratki

Ensworth High School (2006-2010)

-Acting I, II: David Berry

Member of the International Thespian Society Troupe #7398

Theater Performance: 2006-2013

Our Town                                                Wally Webb                        Ensworth High School

Fourteen                                                Elaine Pringle                        Ensworth High School

An Ideal Husband                                    Miss Mabel Chiltern             Ensworth High School

The Winter’s Tale                                    Paulina                        Ensworth High School

Canker Sores and Other Distractions Prunella                        Ensworth High School

Front Porch Play                                    Esthie                                    University of Florida

Half                                                            Sing Foo                        University of Florida

Jeffrey                                                            All female roles            University of Florida

Iceland Play                                                Jadwiga                        University of Florida


Choreographic Experience

-only say the word and I shall be healed: In Box Out: Spring BFA Showcase Performed by Melissa Medez, Lauren Hoefer, and Kenny Frechette

-Molt- Fall BFA Showcase

-Composition 1,2, 3 course- Dr. Joan Frosch, Neta Pulvermacher, Tzveta Kassabova

-Countryside- comp 2- solo made off of childhood home and performed at the Harn Museum in Gainesville, also a dance for film

-Slow Dancing, January- June 2010, Nashville, TN, Orlando, FL, Competition dance solo, Amateur

Teaching Experience

Dance for Life: January- April 2013

            -Movement for Parkinsons Patients

Related Work

Voice and Gesture work:

            Vocal and gestural work under the direction of Rafael Barrantes-Lopez and Ellen Hemphill at the American Dance Festival 2011

Dance for Life

            Dance for Life is an organization that is association with the Arts in Medicine program at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Fl. The program focuses on using movement as a form of therapy for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. I worked with the patients for a semester in collaboration with the senior class to provide a weekly class combining resistance strengthening, stretching, barre exercises, and choreography. We ended the semester with a performance in the Spring BFA Showcase segment, Community in Motion.

Super 8 Film Work

-August 24, 2012- Experimental film project made in Berlin shown in Grinter Gallery at the University of Florida

-March 14, 2013- Super 8 Film made in Berlin shown at the Harn Museum as part of the Museum Nights in Gainesville, FL


Artistic Statement

We all make sacrifices, some more blatantly than others. Dancer’s physically sacrifice themselves to a story, to movement, to audience after audience to form a momentary exchange of energy that is spurred into memories and images that, whether accessed or not, will stay with the audience forever. Dance is the agent that allows humans to endlessly structure and restructure ideas, to ask unanswerable questions, and to find answers to questions that weren’t asked in the first place. As an artist I believe that dance and performance is the most beautiful gift; to see people move, naturally or unnaturally, and not be afraid to is rare in this day and age. Artists give people the opportunity to observe, to look, to truly see without outside judgment (unless, of course, this is the artists intention). I dance because it is simultaneously the most fulfilling and selfless act I can take part in. I create dance because I can never be done creating dance, I can never be done sharing. Dance has taken a part in creating me.


Guest Artists

2010-2013: Linda-Denise Fisher-Harrel, Mark Haim, Einav Levi, Joanna Mendel Shaw, Paige Cunningham, Lacina Coulibaly, Bopi (Kraig Patterson), Ellen Cornfield, Ann Liv Young, Lina Lehovic, Daniel Squire, Faustin Linyekula

Master Classes

2010-2011: MOMIX, Pam Pietro(ACDFA 2011), Gerri Houlihan(ACDFA 2011), Rodney Brown, Richard Chen See (Paul Taylor, ADF), Ronald K. Brown

Special Skills

Conversational Spanish, ability to make extraordinarily interesting faces, small singing ability, sewing, poetry, creative writing, beginner’s ability to play the African Dun-dun drum, Building model homes out of Lego’s

Work Experience

2011-2012- Hostess at Stoney River Legendary Steaks Nashville, TN

Summer 2009- Dance Assistant- Nashville Dance Center children’s summer camp


National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Golden Key at the University of Florida

International Thespian Society Troupe #7398

Dance In A Suitcase- Student run fundraising organization that brings artists to our school and our school to new places.

Deans List Scholar all 3 years of college completed thus far; President’s Honor Roll for the Fall 2011 Semester

Florida Players- A student run theater company that produces plays, musicals, and devised pieces


Neta Pulvermacher, Associate Professor, University of Florida,, (917) 478-9928

Kristin O’Neal, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Florida,, (954) 326-0858




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